Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement on the House passing a clean CR and raising the debt ceiling:      

“After 16 days of a Republican-led government shutdown and taking our country to within hours of an unprecedented default, the  House voted tonight on a bipartisan bill to fund the government through January 15th and allow us to pay our bills through February 7th.                                                                            

“While Republicans finally came around to accepting a bipartisan deal tonight, too many Americans and businesses suffered harm that could easily have been avoided.  Over the past 16 days, I have stood at rallies with furloughed workers who have been harmed by the       shutdown and prevented from doing their jobs.  Paychecks have been missed or reduced, regional VA offices were closed and efforts to get disability benefits out were slowed down, access to early childhood education was lost, medical research and science grants were delayed, and once-in-a-lifetime visits to our national parks were cancelled.  In addition, Standard and Poor’s estimates that the economy lost about $24 billion from the shutdown.  I hope that we will be able to adopt responsible budget policies that invest in people and strengthen our nation and that we will be able to prevent another manufactured economic crisis in the future.   

“Americans are tired of political warfare and instead  want Congress to get back to work to create jobs, promote economic growth and strengthen the middle class.  We need a return to responsible governance and I hope that the passage of this bill is a step toward that       goal.