Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl hands out participation certificates

The snowplow blade painted by students at St. Athanasius School was the favorite of the drivers who plow and salt the streets of Evanston. The blade depicts children playing in wintertime, with an Evanston City truck in the foreground. “Plow Ashland first,” someone from the audience called out, referring to the school’s  location.

Each year the City invites schools to have students paint the snowplow blades in the Paint Evanston’s Plows contest. The activity is not simply aesthetic, said Public Works Director Suzette Robinson. The paint provides a protective coating that keeps snow from sticking to the blades.

This year eight schools participated: Bessie Rhodes, Chute, Dawes, Haven, Lincoln, Lincolnwood, Nichols and St. Athanasius.

Residents were also invited to vote for their favorite snowplow blade, and Chute Middle School won the “Evanston’s Choice” award with 2,343 votes.

Haven and Lincoln won the Mayor’s Choice awards, but, said Ms. Robinson, “she would have chosen all of them if she could have.”

With the official onset of winter just 30 days away, it is likely that residents will be seeing those colorful snowplow blades soon.