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Updated: 12/17/13. On Dec. 16, just after 3:00 p.m., Evanston Police responded to a call of a bank robbery that had just occurred at the Chase Bank located in the 900 block of Grove Street in Evanston. A teller provided a description of the offender. The offender was last observed walking westbound on Grove Street from the bank, said Commander Jay Parrott of the Evanston Police Department. 

Several officers observed a man, who matched the description, next to Bennison’s Bakery on Maple Avenue just south of Davis Street. They demanded that the man stop; he was observed holding a weapon. The man refused to drop his weapon and was subsequently shot by several officers on the scene, said Commander Parrott.

The man, identified as Kevin Ross, was transported by the Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services to Evanston Hospital for treatment where he was pronounced dead a short time later. Mr. Ross, age 29, resided in the 900 block of Grove St., said Commander Parrott.

Police recovered a 9mm handgun from Mr. Ross, and just over $3,000 which was taken from the bank, said Commander Parrott. The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit, together with the department’s Office of Professional Standards, will handle the officer involved shooting investigation.