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’Twas this year’s last meeting, and in Council hall

Evanston 150 held a party for all

Former aldermen, clerks and mayors and such

Who showed up because they are not out of touch.

Refreshments and catching up made the time pass

But soon work called the Council – alas!

Then aldermen took up their load for the night

Debating, discussing to their hearts’ delight

And Wally in his kerchief, and Liz in her cap,

Said, “Conclude City business ere our holiday nap.”

When, lo and behold: a bills list set to shatter

The record for single month spending – by interest-payment clatter.

Seven million due debt service, reminder to all

That borrowing money hurts when bills come to call.

And then parking meters, everyone’s favorite toy

Came up for purchase, Council frothy and coy

Said the City would purchase single-space devices

Rather than pay stations that require too many steps across ices

And other weather whatnot, after purchasing receipts

To be shown in the window but can fall onto seats.

Single-space meters will go everywhere

Except 600 Clark and surface lots – where

Pay stations allow putting money into

Individual space indicators. Technology! Whew!

The Main Street transit study, to be revealed by year end

Suffered a setback, said staff, so Council must bend

Certain deadlines included in the original proposal.

Because needed staff were not at their disposal.

We need folks most professional to find ways to connect

CTA and Metra, where Main and Chicago intersect.

Water and garbage rate increases were made final

As Council voted on garbage can increases for cans of big black vinyl

Or plastic, whatever, go up to about twenty bucks

Folks who don’t recycle are just out of luck.

And water rates up 10% this year alone

By a 6-3 vote, this deal was sewn.

The two more increases the staff memo did note

Were not yet approved, for not up for a vote.

Thinking of Santa Clause riding down the street

Each year on a fire truck and not reindeer feet

Council celebrated Downtown Evanston’s Carolyn Dellutri

Who arranged Santa’s arrival and other events and minuti

Over years and years, but now she’s resigned

To work elsewhere but will not leave Evanston behind.

Because she still lives here and loves it as well –

As do all who choose in this City to dwell.

 She verily shouted as she departed off into the night,

“Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.”