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In honor of Evanton’s 150th anniversary, the City of Evanston invited present and former mayors, aldermen and City clerks to a reception on Dec. 9.

Those who confirmed that they would attend included former mayors Lorraine Morton (1993-2009), Joan W. Barr-Smith (1985-93) and James Lytle (1979-85) and former City clerks Mary Morris (1997-2009), Kristin Davis (1985-97) and Sandra Gross (1979-85).

Former aldermen included Cheryl Wollin, Jonathan Fiske and Marvin Juliar, 1st Ward; Lionel Jean-Baptiste and Joan Barr-Smith, 2nd Ward; M. Emily Guthrie, Sue Brady, Beth Boosalis Davis, Ned Lauterbach and Adele S. Neems, 3rd Ward; Steven J. Bernstein, Anny Heydemann, Peter Meyers and Martin P. Geraghty, 4th Ward; Rochelle Washington and Lorraine Morton, 5th Ward; Edmund B. Moran, Jr., Margaret W. Wold and James Lytle, 6th Ward; Stephen B. Engelman, Cheryl Wollin and Marjorie Collens, 7th Ward; Jon E. Holsman, Richard Lanyon, Norris Larson and Richard E. Lyons, 8th Ward; Anjana Hansen, Davidson Ream, Dona Gerson and Donald A. Borah, 9th Ward.

Photo courtesy of the City of Evanston