Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz has appointed Senior Services Manager Christina Ferraro as Assistant Director of Community Services effective November 28, 2013. Ferraro will oversee Senior Programs, Ecology Programs, Youth and Young Adult Programs, Special Events and the City Arts Programs.  

“Ferraro has been a key player in spearheading the development of partnerships and forming collaborations to create inclusive and accessible environments that benefit seniors and residents of all ages within the Evanston community,” said City Manager Bobkiewicz. “Her direction and accomplishments will help the City further its vision to better serve our residents.” 

Christina’s promotion is part of the recent reorganization of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) Department that began in April 2013. In its first phase, the restructuring began with transferring the responsibility for forestry, park maintenance, facility maintenance and facility planning to the Department of Public Works. Now, with a newly refined plan for community-wide focus, the PRCS Department has split into two divisions; community services, overseen by Ferraro, and recreation, overseen by Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Bob Dorneker. 

“Christina is a talented Manager and I’m looking forward to working with her to benefit the citizens of Evanston,” said Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services Joe McRae. 

Since 2001, Ferraro has overseen senior services in the community and managed the Levy Senior Center.  In her new role, she will continue to work with the task force appointed by Mayor Tisdahl to build an action plan to ensure Evanston is a “good place to grow up and grow old.” Prior to her time with the City of Evanston, Ferraro worked for the Norridge Park District and Ray Graham Association for People with Disabilities.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Political Science from Northern Illinois University and dual Master’s degrees from North Park University in Business Administration and Management in Nonprofit Administration.