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The snow has stopped, the sun is shining and the detailed clean-up is in full swing.  The game plan today and tomorrow is to clean the residential streets. Due to the sub-zero temperature salting will be ineffective so there may be some compacted snow remaining after the plows pass through.  A pass was made on all residential streets yesterday but if it occurred early in the day when it was still snowing, it may appear that nothing happened particularly after a night of major drifting.  All primary route are clear and some are even melting as a result of the sun and the residual liquid deicer on the pavement.  We have asked for voluntary compliance with the even/odd parking restrictions and based on my drive around, it appears that most people are complying.  All equipment (over 30 plows) and bodies are on the street working.  All city cars were cleared of snow, started and relocated to facilitate snow removal of the civic center parking lot and limit any vehicle maintenance problems.

In addition, to residential plowing we are clearing snow in all business districts, parking lots and bridges,  the drifting snow plus additional accumulations have recovered most all sidewalks.  We will also be clearing and hauling snow today at all safe route to school pedestrian crossings and senior crossings.  All collections: refuse, recycling, special pick-ups and christmas tree recycling are suspended for today and on track to resume tomorrow.  

Overnight the hauling operation was slower due to the higher accumulated snow amounts, some drifts were over three feet high.  Snow was removed from the following corridors:
Church and Dodge business district
Chicago from South Blvd to Main
Main from Chicago to Hinman
Madison from Chicago to Custer
Washington from Chicago to Custer
Howard Street CTA bridge to city limits

Tonight the game plan is to clear and haul:
Dempster from Elmwood to Hinman
Chicago from Main to Church.
The overnight crew will continue the cleaning and hauling operations at least for the next three nights. We are using contractors to haul snow away to James Park and the Service Center for melting.