Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Given the large amount of snow that fell on the city in recent days, Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services encourages residents to clear snow around fire hydrants as the weather warms so that they are accessible and visible from the street. Every minute counts in an emergency, and keeping fire hydrants clear of snow can save precious time. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Residents are also encouraged to park as close to the curb as possible, clear of alleyways and intersections, so emergency vehicles and City trucks have access.

Are you a property or business owner? Remember to maintain minimum heat to protect automatic fire sprinkler systems from freezing and causing costly water damage. This is especially important for businesses that may temporarily close, or property owners who relocate during the winter. More tips >>>

Thank you for helping keep Evanston safe!

Public Works Snow and Cold Update

Refuse and recycling collection will resume today, operating on a one-day delay for the remainder of the week. Holiday tree recycling will begin on Wednesday, as Forestry crews continue to help with snow clean-up. Residents are asked to assist in collection efforts in the following ways:

  • Please park on the even side of the street today (January 7) or on primary routes so snow can be cleared from the odd side of residential streets.
  • Please pull cars as close to the curb as possible, clear of alley entrances and intersections, so refuse trucks and emergency vehicles have access.
  • Please clear snow around recycling and refuse containers.
  • When clearing snow, please do not throw snow back into the streets, alleyways or sidewalks.

Read the complete Jan. 7 cold and snow update from Public Works >>>