The game plan today is to clean the residential streets and continue clearing sidewalks and lots.  Fleet Services has done a superb job keeping our equipment running but the sub-zero temperature are starting to have an impact.  The freezing temperature are negatively impacting equipment hydraulics which means plow blades are not maneuvering as they should and refuse and recycling truck tippers and compacters may be sluggish.  Refuse and recycling will resume today. Since Forestry crews are assisting with the snow clean-up,  Christmas tree recycling will not begin until Wednesday.

Although refuse and recycling collections are resuming today they will be slow going due to equipment operation times, frozen containers, road and alley conditions.  We will be asking the public to assist our snow and collection efforts in the following ways.

  Please park on the even side of the street or on primary routes so we can clear the odd side of the residential streets.

  Please pull your car as close to the curb as possible and clear of alleys entrances and intersections so refuse trucks and emergency vehicles have access.

  Please clear snow around your recycling and refuse containers.
  When clearing snow please do not throw snow back into the streets, alleyways or sidewalks

Overnight the hauling operation removed snow from the following corridors:
Chicago from Main to Grove
Dempster from Main to Elmwood
Greenleaf from Chicago to Custer
Greenwood from Chicago to Sherman.

Tonight the game plan is to clear and haul the following areas:
Central from Ewing to Lincolnwood
Chicago from Grove to Church
Benson from Church to Davis
Sherman fromDavis to Lake
Maple from meter south of Davis to Church

We are using contractors to haul snow away to James Park and the Service Center for melting.  We may need to haul snow form Central street to Lovelace parking lot this evening.