The game plan today is to clean residential streets where needed and
continue clearing sidewalks and lots.  We are placing special emphasis
on clearing pedestrian crossings at signalized locations and pushing
back intersections and alley entrances.  The day shift is resuming
normal operating hours today.  Refuse and recycling will continue
completing Monday’s route and starting Tuesday’s.

Unfortunately, Christmas tree recycling will not begin until Thursday
due to severe tree damage that requires immediate removals.  We
received a call into 311 regarding a split tree on the 2200 block of
Dodge.  Upon inspection, Mark discovered several other Sycamores trees
nearby with severe splits.  Paul ran a list of the 300+ public Sycamores (300+) and will be inspecting today.  Paul is very concerned because he has never seen trees split so severely like  this before.  It seems likely that the sub-zero temperatures may be the  culprit, but Paul is researching the problem and speaking with other  colleagues in the area to help with a diagnosis. In addition, to
deferring Christmas tree pick-up until Thursday, we will be cancelling
fireweed sales for the weekend.  

Overnight operations were slow going due to some equipment problems and because the vehicle of a shift supervisor was hit by a car on Central Street around midnight. The City vehicle that the shift supervisor was in was badly damaged.  He was blocking traffic/ protecting his crew
with the support of two PEOs when this occurred.  The driver of the car was arrested. The shift supervisor completed his shift and was complaining of neck pain. He was taken to the hospital and released this morning. His crew was still able to complete hauling operations and removed snow from the following corridors:

Chicago from Grove to Clark
Central from Central Park to Ewing
Foster and Maple intersection
Downtown area where we will continue to work tonight

We will also start pothole patching tomorrow on the primary routes.