In this year of the congregation’s 75th Anniversary Celebration, Grace Lutheran Church, gave early Christmas gifts to homeless people to match the anniversary number. Total: 75+ handmade and fleece-cut scarves, 75+ hats, and 75+ pairs of heavy, winter gloves. Blain’s Farm & Fleet supported this project by lowering the price of the gloves. The gifts could not have been as abundant without the help of the company’s generosity.
All of the items were divided equally between Chicago Uptown Ministry and Interfaith Action of Evanston’s Hospitality Center. When the gifts were delivered, the staff at each location was overwhelmed and delighted.  The amount of warmth preserving accessories was far beyond previous years. Within this project, everyone involved wanted to remember that 20-25% of homeless people are veterans.

For the last five years, Threads of Grace, the congregation’s needlework ministry, has knit and crocheted scarves and hats and added a few gloves purchased with funds from a bake sale. This year because of the assistance of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, “Threads” members set up a Christmas tree decorated with Glove-Adoption tags in a hallway of the church. The congregation “adopted” gloves and made donations so enthusiastically that the trees tags needed to be replaced several times.

The whole congregation got involved. Some members crocheted and knit throughout the year. Others cut carefully chosen fleece, or shopped and brought items.  Many members “adopted” pairs of gloves with Thinsulate and waterproofing.

Additional Gifts for Students
Threads of Grace also delivered 33 handmade “fun” scarves and 14 hats for the children served by ESCCA, Evanston School Children’s Clothing Association. These scarves and hats were big on fuzz and color. It has been a bountiful year. All gifts were sent with blessings and prayers for the health and wellness of their wearers.
For further information contact Rev. Daniel Ruen, Grace Lutheran Church, 1430 South Boulevard, Evanston, IL 60202 or call 847-475-2211 or visit