The Cook County Sheriff Department recently honored 10 Evanston Township High School students with the Youth Service Medal of Honor for their consistent volunteerism and hard work in the community. In December 2013, more than 300 high school students were recognized for volunteering at least 100 hours of service to their communities during the last year. ETHS Community Service Coordinator Mary Collins noted that 2013 claims the highest number of students that ETHS has ever had recognized in one year with this award.

“ETHS is a major player in the amount of volunteer work that is performed in Evanston. Our students have made significant contributions of time and energy to making our community a better place,” said Ms. Collins.
This past fall, the City of Evanston celebrated the milestone of 150,000 volunteer hours performed by Evanston community members. Four ETHS student leaders/volunteers attended a City Council meeting with Ms. Collins to acknowledge 9,500 volunteers hours contributed by ETHS students.

ETHS students learn about service, leadership and volunteer opportunities through the Community Service Office as well as the ETHS Community Service Club. More than 1,400 students contributed to the high school’s total hours contributed in 2013.
“These students represent a mindset and a population that cares a great deal about their community.  Whether it is right here in Evanston or far away in another country, our students know that helping others, contributing to society through volunteering, and understanding the issues that exist in our world are all critical to their own lives,” Ms. Collins said.