In summer 2013, Evanston achieved the goal set in its 2008 Climate Action Plan, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 13% (relative to a 2005 baseline). Now we are working towards a next climate action goal: a 20% reduction in emissions by 2016. We are focusing in particular on —


(1) improving the energy efficiency of Evanston homes and businesses and

(2) reducing the community’s transportation-related emissions.


For the latter, we have drafted a proposed comprehensive low-carbon mobility plan. Its centerpiece is a “Healthy Evanston Campaign” aimed at getting Evanstonians to walk more, bike more, use more shared mobility services, and use public transit more. (The draft plan is available on Evanston GreenBUZZ.)


Now we need your input and your ideas.  The draft plan will be the starting point for discussion at a community brainstorming meeting* —

WhenSaturday, January 25 — 9:00 am-noon

Where: Community Meeting Room, Evanston Public Library


Please join us! Come share your ideas of ways to make non-auto alternatives more attractive, more accessible, more plentiful, more routine, and safer.


If you are not able to attend the meeting but have ideas of ways to improve Evanston’s mobility system — or if you would like to get involved in the Healthy Evanston Campaign — please contact


* The brainstorming meeting is being convened by Sustain Evanston, an informal network of organizations and individuals committed to supporting initiatives aimed at improving the sustainability of the Evanston community. Facilitated by the Evanston Office of Sustainability, the network meets roughly twice a year to share information about ongoing efforts and explore opportunities to work together on projects of mutual interest. One of those projects is the initiative to reduce Evanston’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2016.