James Maiworm, Assistant Director of Public Works provided the following information on Feb. 1.

As of 7:15 am snow is falling at a moderate rate in Evanston. Overnight approximately 1.5” of snow fell with the most of that accumulation occurring after 4am.

Today we can expect snow to fall at a moderate rate until about 12:00pm and then the snow rates will taper off until the snow ends at 6pm. Total snow accumulation will be 4” to 7”

Temperatures will be warm by comparison with highs close to 32 degrees this afternoon. Overnight the low will be close to 10.

Public Works has a large crew on line today and will be plowing all main, secondary and residential streets though out the day.

Tonight a snow route parking ban goes into effect at 11pm. Residents are urged to use the City parking garages and move their cars from the streets.

Tomorrow (Sunday) a snow emergency goes into effect at 8am so City crews can plow the residential streets curb to curb.

More snow is expected next week

Additional updates will follow later today.

In addition, neighborhood information reports that Bonnie Management has given permission for residents to park in the Dempster/Dodge plaza parking lot but asks residents to park on the second row in from Dodge to allow plaza snow removal.