At the Feb. 10 meeting of the District 202 School Board, President Gretchen Livingston said she felt the Board should be alerted to the fact that the City may lend money to a for-profit post-secondary school that wishes to locate in downtown Evanston.

Ms. Livingston said, “Last fall the City’s Economic Development Committee voted to support a loan of $25,000 to the Career Institute, a for-profit educational institution. We do have a concern that the City would [offer this support], especially when the same programming is offered through Oakton Community College and [Evanston Township High School has] a similar program with Walgreen’s.”

“We know that nationally these for-profit schools do not have a good track record and often [students in these schools] spend a good deal of money,” said Dr. Eric Witherspoon, District 202 Superintendent. “We can’t pass judgment on this proposal and how it might play out, [but] since it may involve public funding, it does raise concerns,” he said.

“I would add that the school has not received certification from the State of Illinois – a process that’s in the works,” said Ms. Livingston, adding, “Right now, what we know troubles us.”