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Residents are being warned of possible flooding in the coming days, due to heavy rain and mild temperatures forecasted. With the addition of the melting snow, the frozen ground will not be able to absorb all of the expected rain water, which can cause overland flooding into basements and below-grade garages. The City of Evanston’s Water Division has provided tips to help with flooding conditions.

Clearing snow, ice and debris

Residents are advised to clear snow, ice and debris from drains surrounding their homes, including those at the bottom of exterior stairwells, in front of garages and window wells. If your window well does not have a drain, use weather guards to keep water out. 

Err on the side of caution


Residents who have previously experienced flooding on their property and in their homes should prepare for it to occur again. It is important to unplug all electronics from wall outlets and power strips before water enters a home. If not, residents risk being electrocuted by the still water in their home. Additionally, remove all items from the floor to avoid water damage. 

If water has seeped into your home in the past, make sure your sump pumps are working properly. Fill the pump pit with water to ensure it is properly discharged.

Street flooding


The City expects street flooding to occur. As a result, residents are advised NOT to park over street drains. Streets slope to where the drains are located, and if they are blocked by snow, ice or debris the street will start to pond. The deepest point of the ponding water will be where the drainage structure is located.

To report severe flooding in the city, please call 3-1-1 or 847-448-4311 (for those calling outside of Evanston).