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Last year marked the 21st anniversary of Brella Productions, a North Side success story.

Founded two decades ago in a local apartment with nothing more than a video camera and a tape-to-tape editing system, Brella has persevered and flourished over the years, eventually becoming the North Side’s biggest media production house.

Today Brella is a full-service communications company. Specializing  in video, interactive and events, founders Bernadette Burke and Mark Mallchok met at Northwestern University. After graduation, they founded Brella Productions. Many of their initial jobs were small corporate sales and training videos.

Over the years, Brella moved into new areas of corporate communications. Today services include domestic and international event production and support; interactive, including web, apps; e-learning; and, of course, videos for a variety of screen sizes.

This broad range has allowed Brella to expand its services to current clients while attracting new ones, including several Fortune 100 corporations.

“When you have a whole palette of tools, you can focus on what the project really needs, explains President Bernadette Burke. By being able to tell their clients’ stories in a number of media, she says, “We can give them what we call ‘media independence.’”

Brella’s company headquarters is at 1601   Simpson Street, on the corner of Simpson and Ashland in the historic “Fanny’s Restaurant” building. They have a defined presence in the Evanston’s Arts District.  Brella is now expanding by adding a third floor and remodeling the structure to make room for new hires and expanding needs.

“We’re entering a new wave of growth,” says Mr. Mallchok. “And we’re going to need room for new people, new equipment, and new capabilities.”

By aggressively embracing technology, change and learning, this north side firm has grown to a 100-person communications company, helping local, national and international businesses tell their stories in every relevant medium.