The children walked around the circle of residents, touching hands to say goodbye at the end of their visit to Mather Pavilion. Photos by Mary Mumbrue

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On March 6, with sunshine and a promise of spring in the air, Daryl Johnson and Jenna Downing’s class of 4- and 5-year-olds from Unity Nursery School walked among snow ridges almost as tall as they are to visit residents of Mather Pavilion.

Greeted by Manager of Activities and Volunteer Resources Michael Fehland, the children learned about wheelchairs before entering a light-filled community room where about 20 residents awaited. The youngsters sang songs – “You Are My Sunshine,” “Old MacDonald” and “The Itsy-Bitsy (then hugey-wugey, then eensy-weensy) Spider” – and played games – balloon volleyball and “parachute popcorn.”

The children learned about shapes and looked at reproductions of art work by Wasily Kandinsky, said Ms. Johnson. Then they made cards incorporating stars, squares and other shapes. She distributed the cards to the residents as the children said goodbye.

The visit to Mather Pavilion was part of the children’s study of their community, said Unity Director Katie Martin. “We’ve been to the post office, the fire station and the Ecology Center,” she said. She added she hopes the partnership with Mather will continue.