Unofficial results posted on the website of Cook County Clerk David Orr show Anjana Hansen, Abby Fishman Romanek and Jerry Esrig winning in the races in the 9th judicial subcircuit. This is similar to information posted on the RoundTable’s webiste last night, March 18, but different from information posted earlier this morning. The RoundTable will update the information as it is received.


Unofficial results from County Clerk David Orr’s office show that the vote was 64%-36% in favor of abolishing the township government. Of 7,518 ballots cast, 4,979, or 63.53% are “yes” and 2,858 or 36.47% are “no.”

The turnout was 19.67% of registered voters.

Judicial Vacancies
Here are the unofficial results for the 9th judicial subcircuit bacancies from Clerk Orr’s website:

Vacancy of Goldberg

Jerry Esrig, 5,964 votes, 50.43%

Megan Goldish, 5,028 votes, 42.5%

Nathan Myers, 835 votes, 7.06%

Vacancy of Meyer

Anjana Hansen, 7,500 votes, 66.95%

Thomas Kougias,  1,373 votes,12.26%

Monica Forte, 2330 votes, 20.8%

Vacancy of Preston

Abby Fishman Romanek, 4,436 votes, 36.63%

Thomas Cushing, 2,869 votes, 23.6%

Michael Strom, 2,617 votes, 21.6%

Michael Otto, 1,122 votes, 9.27%

Brian Alexander, 1,066 votes, 8.8  percent