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Unofficial results from County Clerk David Orr’s office show that the vote was 64%-36% in favor of abolishing the township government of Evanston Township. The turnout was 19.67% of registered voters Of 7,518 ballots cast, 4,979, or 63.53% were “yes” and 2,858 or 36.47% were “no.”

These numbers were similar to the results of advisory referendum on the March 20, 2012, ballot, where the response was 2-1 in favor of having the Township trustees continue to pursue the issue of dissolving Evanston Township. The Township of Evanston and the City of Evanston are coterminous, that is their boundaries are the same. The members of the City Council sit as trustees of the Township, also called the Town, of Evanston

Because the recent referendum question was binding, dissolution of the Township government is mandatory. The Township was been without elected leadership for a time – the elected supervisor resigned just weeks after taking office and the assessor-elect died before she could take office – so last fall the City Council assigned most of the responsibilities to the City Manager and staff.

A guest essay on page 7 of this issue by City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz, who served as interim Tonwhsip supervisor, explains the next steps.

Judicial Subcircuit Results

The race for judge in the three vacancies in the 9th Judicial Subcircuit went to women. Anjana Hansen, former 9th Ward alderman, prevailed over Thomas Kougias and Monica Forte in the race for the Meyer vacancy.

Megan Goldish won the Goldberg vacancy over Judge Jerry Esrig, and Nathan Myers. In the contest created by the Preston vacancy, Abby Fishman Romanek defeated four men: Thomas Cushing, Michael Strom, Michael Otto and Brian Alexander.