Fred Wilson, co-principal of Morgante Wilson Architects, celebrates receiving the Community Partner Award with CPAH’s Board of Directors. Photo from CPAH

Morgante Wilson Architects and its co-principal Fred Wilson recently recived the Community Partner Award from Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) in honor of their extraordinary efforts toward affordable housing here. 

Mr. Wilson was honored for his “exemplary leadership and commitment to the community.” He provided pro-bono architectural drawings for CPAH home rehab projects and made generous financial contributions directly and through fundraising efforts.

Mr. Wilson said, “I feel that as an architect, we have the design and technical skills to give back to the community to help those who want to experience the American dream of home ownership. Homes benefit neighborhoods by creating positive structures with homeowners who take pride in their own property.”

“Fred is a true hero for all he does for Evanston and CPAH.  He brings energy and enthusiasm to improving people’s lives and helping CPAH help others.  We are proud that Fred serves on our board of directors and feel very fortunate that we will be working with Fred and Morgante Wilson in the years to come,” said Rob Anthony, CPAH executive director.   

Mr. Wilson added he “truly believes in the progressive thinking of the Evanston community, including its leadership, planners and citizens.  Through affordable housing efforts with CPAH, we are strengthening our neighborhoods.”