Their outcry has been loud and clear far too long and Mother Earth is sick of it.

“Why are you so angry at me?” She asks.

“What the hell is going on?” they shout at her and one another. “What’s happening is crazy! It doesn’t make sense.”

“Don’t blame me,” Mother Earth says. “What’s happening is nothing new. Weather is always acting up. You know that. Heat and cold ebb and flow constantly throughout the seasons. You want boring? I’ll give you boring! Even Eden was never meant to be monotonous. Can’t you understand that I am a work in progress? Listen to the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I am doing the best I can with what I’ve got.” Spoken like a true mother. “Can you say the same?”

She took a deep breath and said, “If you need to be angry at someone, be angry at yourselves. Listen to your Mother! I’m sorry for the storms, the hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards and arctic blasts. The deaths especially. Can you believe they are not my doing? What kind of mother do you think I am?”

She went on. “From where I sit, it feels like the abuse I take has its price. You need to take better care of me. I’m not whining when I say that. You say you love me even as you use me up for your needs, then treat me like a garbage dump. You pollute the air, the oceans with oil spills and refuse; you denude my forests, waste my water, diminish the ozone layer so crucial to a safe climate. I have experienced it all since the very beginning.”

She sat in her rocker and spread her apron across her lap, then sighed. “As I said, you’ve got to listen to your Mother and take better care of me. I am not pointing a finger at any one problem; there are too many of them. You have to be doing more than what you’re already doing.”

She went on. “I have been here a long time and intend to be around even longer. But, listen to me, please. Stop the abuse. Catch yourselves at it and change your ways. The good news is that it is finally getting your attention. If you truly love your Mother as you say you do, you’ll take better care of her – and yourselves as well.