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On March 19, the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Illinois Northeastern District hosted an awards event at Curt’s Café to celebrate the accomplishments of Public Citizen of the Year Susan Trieschmann and Social Worker of the Year Terry Northcut.

Public Citizen of the Year: Susan Trieschmann
Susan Trieschmann  says she first heard the term “throwaway kids” while volunteering in restorative justice circles, and it moved her to action. She owned a catering/café management company for 30 years.

After losing one of her business partners to cancer, she decided to see if there was something else she was passionate about and found restorative justice, a way of listening with your heart and sharing from your soul.

She heard too many youth say they needed money and couldn’t find jobs so they started stealing, dealing drugs, and more. She combined her love for the restaurant business with her passion for helping kids and started Curt’s Café, a workforce and life skills training program.
Social Worker of the Year: Terry B. Northcut
Terry B. Northcut (PhD, Smith College; MSW, University of Tennessee) is associate professor at Loyola University Chicago. She has also taught at Smith College, the University of Southern California, the University of Tennessee, and Belmont College.

She received a Children’s Human Rights Fellowship from Loyola in 2011 to study social protection and social welfare interventions in Ethiopia. She has also been awarded a summer research stipend to focus on postpartum maternal attachment styles in Addis Ababa.

Her publications and scholarly interests include integration of psychodynamic theory and cognitive-behavioral techniques, religion/spirituality in psychotherapy and mental health in Ethiopia.

With Nina Heller, Ph.D., Terry co-edited “Enhancing psychodynamic practice with cognitive-behavioral techniques.” Her mental health practice includes psychotherapy with adults, supervision and consultation.