Jordie and Jordan Junior Submitted photo

Evanston resident Jordand (“Jordie”) Neft saved a rabbit last week – not the Easter Bunny nor even the Runaway Bunny, but one apparently no longer wanted as a pet.

He was in his car at the intersection of Granville and Ridge in Chicago when the door of the van in front of him opened, releasing a rabbit.  The van sped away. Mr. Neft noticed the rabbit looked disoriented and did not run or hop away, and surmised the rabbit was a pet that had been dumped. He dropped his grandmother off at his aunt’s house, all the while feeling bad about the rabbit.

Later he returned to the intersection to check on the rabbit and saw it just feet away from where it had been dumped hours before.  He found the phone number of a shelter that takes rabbits and left a message as to the rabbit’s location.

The next day he received a call that the rabbit had been taken to the shelter.

Mr. Neft cannot adopt the rabbit, but he took his mother – visiting from Arizona last week – to visit the rabbit and make a donation to the shelter.  The rabbit has been named Jordan Junior.