Spring is really here, the trees are greening up, the temperatures are staying above the freezing mark and “fishing flu” has started to affect a number of us. The reports from many of the area inland lakes are quite promising and I think it’s time to get out there and get in some fishing time.

This would be great time to fish the Skokie Lagoons. The entire fishery should be active and provide some great springtime activity. I believe the best fishing occurs north of Tower Road in Lagoons #4 and #5 because they have less fishing pressure and deeper water. There are great pathways to walk along these two lagoons so shore fishing is an option. You can park along Forestway Drive and walk down to the water. From shore you can even walk to and fish in Lagoon #6 just south of Dundee Road.  You can also rent a canoe and fish the parts of the lagoons you can’t reach from shore. Canoes are available from Chicago Canoe & Kayak, which partners with the Forest Preserve District. They have a rental location on Tower Road just west of Forestway Drive. A canoe is a great way to see and fish the Skokie Lagoons.

Regarding tackle, I would suggest a 6’ medium-action spinning rod with probably a 6 lb test line. This rod is easy to carry if you’re walking and stows easily in a canoe. The tackle box should be small/compact with the following inventory:

Three or 4 1/8 oz jig heads; 3 or 4 each 3″ twister tails in black, white and yellow; 2 Mepps spinners and a couple of shallow running crankbaits. Perch and shad patterns should work just fine. You probably should take a small landing net to get those fish in shore or in the canoe. And don’t forget a camera so you can capture the moment you or your son/daughter land that first fish. Send me some photos; I’d love to see how you’re doing.

Until next time … Keep a tight line.

Contact Dick at hookedonfishing@comcast.net.