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May 1 was College Decision Day – the due date for high school seniors to decide on their intended college.Evanston Township High School seniors in the Evanston Scholars mentoring program had lots of choices, thanks to the hard work they put in submitting an average of 10 college applications each.

“Evanston Scholars are ambitious, well prepared students of character and merit — and financial need. Fortunately, colleges worked to meet that need, and Evanston Scholars will arrive on campus with four-year scholarships averaging $126,000 per student, for a total of more than $3 million for 24 seniors. Seventy percent of these students received full-tuition scholarships,” according to a statement from Evanston Scholars.  

Parents, mentors and staff supported students every step of the way.  The I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed on every application, FAFSA was submitted complete and on time, and students were fully informed of their choices.

College selection is crucial, but that is not enough for Evanston Scholars, whose goal is college graduation. The Scholars can count on ongoing support during college from a group of mentors who can help them overcome obstacles as they arise.  Nationally, first-generation students face a 60% college dropout rate. With the help of regular check-ins, and continued mentoring and problem-solving assistance, the group says its scholars have the support they will need to help beat the odds.

Colleges for Class of 2014 Evanston Scholars:

Augustana College*

Boston College*

Bowling Green State University

Colgate University*

Elon University

Hampton University*

Hope College*

Howard University*

Illinois State University*

Illinois Wesleyan University

Kent State University*

Lake Forest College*

Lewis University*

Milliken University*

Morgan State University

University of Dayton

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

University of Iowa

University of Missouri*

Vanderbilt University*

*Student(s) attending this school were awarded full-tuition scholarships