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 It has been 50 years since The Beatles hit the Ed Sullivan Show and 50 years since the release of both the album and film, “A Hard Day’s Night.” Most boomers – and even younger fans – hold opinions on favorite Beatles’ songs and band members.

At Evanston Public Library’s “A Hard Day’s Night, The Movie and The Music” presentation at 3 p.m. on June 8, Beatles scholar Aaron Krerowicz will question some of the most fundamental assumptions about the band.
For example “John Lennon is commonly regarded as the avant-garde Beatle, mostly for his association with Yoko Ono, but Paul McCartney was the original Beatles avant-gardist,” said Mr. Krerowicz.

Mr. Krerowicz, who holds degrees in music theory and composition, studied the relationship between mid-20th-century avant-garde art and the Beatles’ music at the University of Hartford, and he now speaks across the country to provide some context for this seminal band.
“I’m only 28 years old,” Mr. Krerowicz, said. “Every time I do a Beatles program like this one, I can feel the audience’s skepticism over the notion of a 20-something Beatles expert. Part of the fun of doing these programs is overcoming that hesitancy.”
At Mr. Krerowicz’s EPL event, he will present a chronological study of the film “A Hard Day’s Night,” starting with a look at the Beatles recordings before the movie, then studying the work itself, and concluding with the songs that were produced afterward. His goal, he said, is to “explain what is extremely sophisticated music in a way that audiences can understand and appreciate without needing a bachelor’s degree in music theory.”