Residents of the Ashland/Jackson/Colfax/Lincoln neighborhood gather around the sign denoting their sponsorship of the 15th hole on the Evanston-Wilmette ("Canal Shores") Golf Course. Submitted photo

Following the lead of Bill Andersen, who relocated to Door County, Evanston resident Tim McGuire rallied residents living along the Evanston-Wilmette (“Canal Shores”) Golf Course to support the golf course, which he calls a “remarkable asset” for Evanston and the neighborhood.

Mr. Andersen, said Mr. McGuire, was a “long-time supporter of the golf course, both in terms of its use, and specifically last year, in its reconstruction and reorganization. He led the charge” for revitalization, as the golf course board hired a new greenskeeper and a new pro and organized fund-raising efforts.

Mr. McGuire said he remembers playing on the course when he visited his sister here, and he said the course was falling into disrepair. Now he lives in the Canal Shores area and is actively involved in seeking private support for the golf course. He turned first to his neighborhood.

The Ashland/Jackson/Colfax/Lincoln neighborhood is active and cohesive, connecting both with a neighborhood chat with about 60 email addresses and through Tuesday night cocktail parties. Using the email list, Mr. McGuire e solicited their support for money – $1,000 – to sponsor one hole.

The neighbors’ response was even greater than he had requested. “Within 24 hours I had $2,400,” said Mr. McGuire, and the final total will top $3,600. Signs at the 14th and 15th tee boxes note their sponsorship.

Even though the funding was over par, neighbors gathered recently around the sign to celebrate their eagle of sponsoring two holes.