From here to there; from when to whenever. To be human is to be always on the move (even when standing still!). But every so often it feels important to consciously stop and, if time be kind, to smell the roses. We are all people in process and ultimately connected with one another in an evolving world and universe.

If and when one stops to go inward, to think about this piece of time they inhabit and this place called earth, they usually cannot miss the fact that their life is truly their own; that with their choices they have the power to create not only themselves but a better world — at least the one their lives touch. But how many of us truly realize that?

Every person has the power to create. Now there is a captivating rose to smell and appreciate.

Unfortunately, too many fail to grasp that power, and disappear into other people’s choices. “Not my will but theirs be done.” They live reactively, rarely claiming their own power because of whatever shortcomings they may have or inflict upon themselves. They miss the essential meaning of the gift of life: to live into, through and out of the truth of self. Think about it. There is only one of everyone who receives that gift – and such little time to make the most of it! 

Knowing self may take a lifetime to achieve but using the power inherent to that gift needs only a choice. Too many give that power away, or are fearful of it (“What if I make a mistake?”), or abuse it for their own purposes. Meanwhile, life goes on with all if its human limitations. What would any one be like if they used that power to claim and grow their talents, become better, help others do the same?

If we are all ultimately connected with one another we should know that true power needs to be shared, not imposed. But before power can be shared it must be embraced, respected and believed in. And it needs to feel more like a way of living than a merely comforting philosophy.

We are all journeymen (and women) who have the power to touch and influence the worlds (others) around us. We need to be more proactive than reactive. All that is required are the simple choices it takes to become better than we are and to reach out with the best parts of ourselves to invite others to share and try to do the same.

Time may be short but power, like love, is energy that can be eternal.