Julian Arron, ESO concertmaster for 25 years, is leaving the position. ESO has started a search for a replacement.Submitted photo

The Evanston Symphony has launched a search for a new concertmaster for the orchestra. The concertmaster is the leader of the first violin section with significant additional duties in performance and leadership that places him or her second in importance after the conductor.

“This is a great opportunity for a violinist of exceptional skills to lead an orchestra acknowledged as one of the best in Illinois,” said Music Director Lawrence Eckerling.

In addition to playing each concert, the concertmaster is expected to attend all rehearsals, help members of the orchestra’s string sections, set bowings for each work in consultation with the music director, and play violin solos as called for in the selected pieces.

More information is available at the orchestra’s website, www.evanstonsymphony.org. Those interested in the position should send a resume and contact information to Paula Fischer at strings@ evanstonsymphony.org.

The orchestra’s previous concertmaster of 25 years, Julian Arron, relinquished the post at the end of the 2013-14 season.