Photo by Natalie Wainwright

The Evanston Public Library hosted Lukasz Konopka, Ph.D., June 22 for the inaugural talk in the Library’s series “Arts and the Brain.”

Dr. Konopka is chief neuroscientist for the Yellowbrick program (, 1560 Sherman Ave., and is associated with other facilities. Here he discussed and showed evidence for the positive changes that, with proper and timely testing and treatment, including art and/or music therapy, can be effected in the brains of those with brain disorders. His colleague at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Patricia Scherer, Ph.D., founder and president of ICODA (the International Center on Deafness and the Arts) was also present and participated in Q&A from the audience of about 35.

Artist-engineer Amy Lee Segami, M.S.M.E., will present the next talk in the series at 1:30 p.m. on July 20 in the Community Room of the Main Library.

“Arts and the Brain” is co-sponsored by EPL, North Shore Village, Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services and Home Care Assistance.