Neil Cogbill and Alan Barney, better known as The Getaway Guys, have co-authored and published their book “Old Concrete, New Blacktop.”

These writers present their part travel guide, part travelogue in an enjoyable and very readable style. 

The full-color book includes weekend or one-day getaways to places within 250 miles of Chicago – with a few exceptions such as New Harmony, Indiana, and Washington Island, Wisconsin, and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. RoundTable readers will remember their enticing columns, which ran from 2009 to 2013.

The affordable and time-kindly destinations include Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan as well as sites in the metropolitan Chicago region.

Their book and their website: are well researched. Because of the depth of their research and their colorful commentary, there is much to interest readers with a sense of adventure and discovery.

The chapters include destinations that spotlight the culture, history preservation
efforts and often nature conservation. Among one of the many places the Get-away Guys visited was the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie near Wilmington, Illinois.

This was a departure for the Guys, as they toured the area on their bicycles, discovering that this land was gradually being returned to its original prairie state by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, although their original idea was to find out about historic preservation in Midewin.

But riding on, they discovered nearby Dwight, which had worked hard to preserve its architectural past. The unique part of this guidebook is that the authors have included autobiographical information as well as personal opinions about travel and memories.

Their photography adds the perfect visual component that certainly will help readers decide what trip to take.

This guidebook is unique because it is so much more
than that.

For any reader, the book offers hands-on history, sensitively illustrated and illuminated by the personality of the writers.

They enrich their travels with insight and good humor, sharing their feelings of discovery in ways that make them the reader’s own.

Whether traveling the Lincoln Highway, nosing through off-beat and out-of-the way museums, or celebrating the achievements of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), the Getaways Guys ultimately market a strong dose of wonderful wanderlust.

“Old Concrete, New Blacktop” is available exclusively at www.