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On Aug. 2, at approximately 8:40 p.m., Evanston police officers responded to a motorcycle crash at Emerson Street and Hartrey Avenue. The police officer’s initial investigation indicates that one of the motorcycles (Cycle #2), driven by a 57-year old male Skokie resident, was traveling westbound on Emerson. Another motorcycle (Cycle #1), driven by a 30-year old male Evanston resident, was also traveling westbound on Emerson. Upon approaching Hartrey, Cycle #1 accelerated around a vehicle using the bike lane, and collided with Cycle # 2, likely rear ending him, said Commander Diane Davis of the Evanston Police Department. 

Both riders were ejected from their cycles and transported to Evanston Hospital with injuries. The Skokie resident, wearing a helmet, sustained a cervical fracture (non-life threatening) and multiple facial injuries. The Evanston resident, not wearing a helmet, sustained facial fractures and brain bleeding and is in critical condition in ICU. Doctors at Evanston Hospital are anticipating he will recover, said Commander Davis. 

Updated Information

In prepared statement issued on Aug. 5, Commander Davis of the Evanston Police Department said Cycle #1 rear-ended Cycle #2 as both traveled westbound on Emerson Street at Hartrey Avenue. She added that felony aggravated DUI charges were approved against both cyclists.