State Senator Daniel Biss is holding a forum as part of his Critical Issues Series at 7 p.m. on Sept. 16. The topic is “School Funding in Illinois: Opportunities, challenges and striking a balance.” Sen. Biss will be joined by two panelists: Paul Goren, superintendent of School District 65; and State Senator Andy Manar, the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 16.

SB16 proposes to revamp the way in which Illinois funds education. In a prepared statement, Sen. Biss says, “This is an extremely important topic, and a difficult one. It’s clear that schools are sorely underfunded in much of Illinois, leading to a real and searing injustice; the state is still experiencing significant fiscal challenges; and successful reform must be sensitive to the challenges facing all school districts, including those that are not currently underfunded.”

If enacted SB16 would cut state funding to District 65 by $6.5 million and to District 202 by $2.2 million. The cuts would be phased in over four years.

The forum will be held at District 65’s Joseph E. Hill Administration Building, 1500 McDaniel Ave., Evanston.