It is an exciting new day in District 65! Our new Superintendent, Paul Goren, has brought energy, ideas, focus and a deep commitment to supporting our children, our schools and our community.  The Board shares Paul’s belief that all of us – educators, students, parents, families and community members – must work together to ensure we support the learning of every child, every day, whatever it takes.

We are very excited about the start of the new school year and are ready to take on the challenge of working hard together to ensure success for all, but we can’t stop there. While we must focus on today, we must also think about and plan for the future – and we need everyone in our community to be a part of this work. 

District 65 is embarking on a strategic planning process that will set priorities for the next three years. This process will require educators, students and their families, and members of the community at large to contribute to the development of a strong and effective plan that reflects the issues and concerns of all stakeholders. Built into the development will be opportunities to serve on committees, share perspectives and weigh in on drafts.

The first two opportunities you have to help with the strategic planning process are:

Nominate yourself or someone else for a committee

The strategic plan will be developed by five working committees that will each focus on a following key area: high quality teaching and learning; thriving workforce; safe and supportive school climate; family and community engagement; and financial sustainability. Each committee will be staffed by 10-12 members, using an open nomination process and will include at least one student, parent, teacher, principal, district administrator and community member. Committees will also include subject matter experts in each area of focus and will reflect the diversity of our community.

In addition to the five working committees, there will be an external advisory committee made up of a broad and representative group of community partners. This committee will meet at three key times during the process to provide input and guidance on next steps.   

To nominate yourself or someone else for either a working committee or the external advisory committee, please find instructions for the application process at or any District 65 school.  Applications must be completed and submitted by Sept. 26 at 5 p.m.

Review and comment on the draft mission statement

A working draft of a mission statement was shared at the Sept. 8 Board of Education meeting.  This draft was based on feedback we received during the superintendent search and through Dr. Goren’s school and community outreach since joining D65 in May.   We are seeking further community-wide input to help us refine the following draft mission statement:

 Through the collective efforts of students, educators, family and community, we will inspire and prepare each student to achieve academically, grow personally, and contribute positively to our global society by providing an engaging and enriching educational experience in a creative and collaborative environment.  Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes.

Hearing from all of our stakeholders is vital to this process, and we know this plan will be strengthened by your feedback. Please let us know what you think about the draft mission statement by sending an email to or visiting the office of any District 65 school by Sept. 26 at 5 p.m. Tell us your reactions and ideas for any changes.  We will compile all input and present the revised mission statement at the Oct. 20 Board meeting.   

Please be sure to stay informed and engaged in the District 65 strategic planning process and let us know what you think – we need everyone to come together in support of our children.