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For the past four years, COPE has helped families with illnesses, deaths and other temporary hardships. Last week, many at Haven School said a heartbreaking goodbye to a friend and mother of four children (with students at Haven and Kingsley Schools), Robyn Randolph.

Ms. Randolph, a single mother, and her children had been staying with family in Gary, Ind., last week. When she was walking to a local convenience store, she was hit by a drunk driver. The children’s grandmother is in need of assistance for funeral costs and other financial support as she assumes the care of Ms. Randolph’s four children. 

Anyone who can help in COPE’s community-wide efforts to bring comfort and support to families like these may donate to the COPE Illness Fund, either on line at ot by sending a check to COPE Illness Fund c/o Juliet Bond 1711 Harrison St. Evanston, 60201