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For the last five years, Evanston Township High School has been using biosolids to fertilize their fields and recently won an award from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) for doing so.

Biosolids are a product of wastewater treatment. Yes, essentially poop. The organic solids are settled out of the water and sent to temperature controlled digesters, where the material is broken down in a process similar to composting. The process kills pathogens and reduces odor. Once air-dried, the material looks and feels like black dirt. Biosolids are non-toxic, safe, environmentally friendly and free.

MWRD is the largest local producer of biosolids in the six-county area.  ETHS partnered with MWRD to use the product to fertilize all of ETH’s grounds, becoming the top effective user in the area.

Jose Guerrero, director of operations and maintenance, and Clarence Gregory, assistant director, brought biosolids into use by ETHS and recently accepted the award from the Water Reclamation District on behalf of the school.