I am looking forward to this fall weekend. The lakes are coming out of their fall turnover, the leaves are really getting into their full color and the temperatures are really to my liking this time of year. (I do not like the summer heat). I have made plans to take my wife and son and head up to Whitewater Lake in Southern Wisconsin. This will probably be the last time I put my boat in the water this year so that is the only downside to the weekend.

I have been checking in with the DNR and two local bait shops about what has been happening on the lake and reports are promising for some good northern pike and late season bluegill action. The fish have been pretty quiet during the turnover but have started getting readjusted and are feeding up for the frozen water that will come very soon and that translates into potentially hot fishing action. There could be a great fish fry coming up this weekend.

We are also looking forward to enjoying the great autumn color in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine country. We are planning to take a drive through the Kettle to enjoy the color changes in the trees. There are a couple of campgrounds in the Kettle Moraine State Park that we have utilized in the past summers and we will enjoy seeing the area again this fall. We also plan to do a little hiking in the woods on some of the great marked trails in the State Park. This should be a great fall weekend with the family.

Fishing reports have been pretty light the past couple of weeks. Most of the bigger lakes have been going through fall turnover so the conditions have been far from ideal. Added to that, the strong low pressure fronts, wind and rain conditions have made things tough. Some of the tributaries of Lake Michigan have started to show some interesting salmon activity,so it is a great time to get in on some great salmon fishing without needing to launch a boat. I expect the fishing to pick up in the coming weeks and keep everyone abreast of the best spots for the fall fishing. Until then, keep a tight line.

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