Beware the cavernous troglodyte, whose evil ways come into light.  It resents and chides people that appear to be bright and gets even with people that prove to be right. 

It seeks, feeds and flourishes on behaviors that are trite and turns any and everything into a fight.

Because its alliance with like characters is tight, it’s able to exert power with incredible might.

A troglodyte may rise to such a politically great height, that the opposition is muzzled or forced to take flight.

But there are those who will stand up to a troglodyte and risk being hurt by a troglodyte bite, who have the courage to challenge and shout what is right,  “Enough is enough.  You can go fly a kite.”

Candidates now vie for your vote day and night.  It may be hard to decide which candidate is right. A candidate’s money should not determine electoral might, and money definitely does not certify who is bright.  Please do vote at a designated site.  Voting rights were not gained without a fight.