Let’s talk about fishing largemouth bass from shore in late fall. This is some of the best times of the year to score a really nice size bass from shore and usually more than just one. Since the time has come to put my boat up for the winter, shore fishing is now my option until the water freezes solid. This is also the time of year when the predator fish, like largemouth bass, are in schools looking for meals as the water turns colder each day. The bass will be staging around anything that provides cover and an ambush location, like downed trees, rocks or rock piles, docks, break walls or the remaining weed beds. The bass won’t chase bait far, so cast so the bait runs right in front of the nose, which will require casting beyond the target area and bringing the bait to the fish and beyond.

There are a few baits that I really like for this kind of fishing because they work well in the given conditions. I like a 3/8 oz.-1/2 oz. tandem spinnerbaits, with Colorado blades or a shallow running crankbait with a square bill like Mann’s minus 1, or Berkley’s Shad Rap. The spinnerbait allows you to run along the weed edges and over the downed trees. The crankbait will draw strikes as it rips by cover and when it hit the weeds, stop the bait and wait for it to float up to the surface and slowly crank it over the top of the weeds.

These are some of the places to consider trying for that big largemouth. The Skokie Lagoons are a good choice; probably the upper pools #5 and #6 north of Tower Road will be more productive. The Main Pool at Busse Lake is always a good choice with a bonus of a possible musky or walleye for your efforts. And a third choice would be Beck Lake. Enjoy this time of year and get out there and fish. Until next time…keep a tight line.

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