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Evanston, IL (November 12, 2014) – Evanston Community Television (ECTV) is pleased to announce the official results of persons elected to serve on the public access television station’s Board of Directors. All board positions are filled by residents. The Board of Directors slate and committees are as follows: Dr. Liselotte Schuster, President; Cindy Cort, Vice President;

Adrian Dortch, Secretary and Scott Walton, Treasurer.

The following board members were appointed by the president to head these committees: Michael Petroshus, Chair, Education/Curriculum Committee; Tricia Edwards, Chair, Operations & Policy Committee; Adrian Dortch and Cindy Cort, Co-Chairs, Development Committee; Scott Walton, Chair, Finance Committee; and Allan Joseph, Chair, Nominating Committee

The Board also includes representatives from the City of Evanston, Evanston/Skokie School District 65 and Evanston Township High School District 202. Members-at-Large: Fred Hunter (D65), Erika Storlie (City of Evanston), William Jenkins (D202) and Baccet Levy (D202 Alternate). Congratulations to all newly elected board members.

DR. LILO SCHUSTER is a licensed chiropractic physician and owner of Schuster Chiropractic. She graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL with a B.S. and a D.C. For 25 years, she has been in business running an Holistic Family Practice working with pregnant women, children, teens and adults. Elected president of the Board, she has been a member of ECTV since 2006 and produces and hosts her own TV show “What’s Your Story?”

CINDY CORT has been a video producer at ECTV for more than three decades. She produced Evanston Idol for four years, music videos and video travelogues. Her previous board experience includes president and vice president/co-chair, Marketing, Fund Raising/Grant Committee. She has expertise in board governance and public broadcasting rules and regulations, as well as an historical accounting of ECTV. Cindy, a paralegal, is a member of Northwestern University Alumni Association.

ADRIAN DORTCH is President and CEO of Entrepreneur Endeavors, Inc. and owner of two businesses, Dortch Health & Wellness and Ascot by Adrian. He was a participant on “NBC’s The Biggest Loser” and in 2012 the city of Evanston named him Ambassador of Health. He has over 16 years of experience in leadership and strategic planning along with a proven track record of successful economic, community and educational development.

SCOTT WALTON served on the ECTV Board from 1992-2002, including five years as president and five years as treasurer. He produced and hosted “Focus On”, a public policy and educational show for more than 15 years; assisted in recording the Evanston 4th of July parade, using the portable studio; and edited footage for the concert and fireworks events. Active in the community, he is vice president of the American Ethical Union, director-at-large of Common Ground-USA and a board member of the Henry George School of Chicago.

MICHAEL PETROSHUS has been a member of ECTV for four years and chairs the new Education and Curriculum Committee. Currently he produces the program “Wards”, showcasing Evanston’s small businesses and is brokering a partnership to bring Piven Theatre classes to ECTV in spring 2015. He spearheaded two successful ECTV events for members. Mike received his B.A. in TV Producing/Writing from Columbia College. He has produced and/or written informational programs, a scripted sitcom, three episodes for a half-hour sitcom, and a live, long-form improv episodic show.

TRICIA EDWARDS, a 19-year member, is CEO and founder of T.E. & Company, Inc., started in 1981 as a year-around, non-profit children’s theatre, performing arts, and television organization designed to keep children off the streets and out of gangs and drugs. Tricia was named ECTV Volunteer of the Year during the 1998 EVVY Awards and is the recipient of the 2014 Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues “Unsung Heroine Award” for her work with children through her theatre company and ECTV. She is a prolific producer, and currently has more than 20 shows airing on ECTV Channel 6.

ALLAN JOSEPH has years of experience as a videographer, producer, editor and writer. His program, “UWC Nation TV”, was the most watched show on ECTV for two years straight in 2010 and 2011. The ETHS graduate has an Associate’s Degree from Oakton Community College and is certified in field and studio production. His experience includes: editing, managing video shoots, maintaining video catalogs/libraries, equipment maintenance, audio engineering, formatting video footage, and coordinating local and national television distributions.

“Board members parlay their valuable experience into the effective growth, development and oversight of ECTV,” said president Schuster. “Clearly, our focus this fiscal year will be on fund raising, membership growth, community partnerships and global show content.” She added that the newly formed Education/Curriculum Committee will be looking to offer different and innovative classes such as script writing, web series, sketches, sitcom writing and acting for camera. Working with the community via partnerships and program sponsorships is a key priority for ECTV. “We want to be responsive to our members and the community,” Schuster continued. “I am excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for us.”

ECTV has had a good third year at its state-of-the-arts facility. Highlights this year include: trained 63 students in Youth Media Camp; provided more than 6,000 hours of training and production services, launched a new children’s show “Kidz Station”; served as a judging site for the prestigious Pasadena Media WAVE Video Awards, covered the annual Band Camp, offered four core production classes-Field Camera, Basic Television Editing, Canon camera Boot Camp and Audio Engineering; provided video services for city festivals, organizations, city council/committee meetings and District 65 School Board meetings.

ECTV is a non-profit corporation committed to First Amendment rights supporting free speech for all Evanston residents. Visit the website at www.ectv.com, email comment@ectv.com or call ECTV at 847-869-2510 for more information.