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Members of North Shore Village celebrated the end of their fundraiser, “Charlotte’s Challenge,” with a luncheon at SPACE on Nov. 8. Named for NSV member Charlotte Cohen, an energetic nonagenarian, the challenge was for each Village member to commit to a new exercise or challenge during the month of October and to find financial sponsors for the challenge.

Some members continued their typical exercises of walking, biking, yoga or water aerobics. Village co-founder Libby Hill and her friend Carol Liner learned to juggle. The members raised more than $10,000.
“Charlotte’s Challenge” was “an experiment taking Ellie Rothenberg’s good idea [of exercise] and turning it into a fundraiser that was compatible with our membership,” said NSV member Judy Chiss. She also described the value of humor and laughter. “We change physiologically when we laugh” she said, citing the Mayo Clinic website. “Laughter is like a mild workout – 10 to 15 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories.”

North Shore Village is an association of seniors whose mission is to help members of the Village thrive and age in place. Executive director Tommi Ferguson said, “I’m encouraged … by this successful endeavor. … It is a perfect example of why the Village works.”

Ninety-two-year-old Ms. Cohen said, “That is the zest of life – to keep active. It doesn’t mean you have to keep your feet going. You have to keep your mind going.”