Ah, the last meeting before Christmas, and all through the chambers

Aldermen limbered and stretched and stared out but found few blamers

On this night of all nights December the eighth

Few issues caused many to agitate.

Downtown Evanston, our local marketing promoter,

Received annual funding to assist in programming for vendors

Retailers and such. Ninety eight thousand six hundred and seventy ($98,670)

Comes from the funds of TIF and Economic Development

The City itself shoulders less of a share than it did last year, so no need for despair

But rather a congratulation and a bit of celebration for its this chamber of commerce that

Lights our great tree and brings Santa down Sherman on Fire Truck no. 3.

A new Latino Resources Center is on its way

To the Civic Center basement, or “ground floor” as they say. Square feet?

Two hundred and sixty for a cool two hundred and fifty ($250)

Per month, that is, to assist our community’s Spanish speakers

Find various resources and services available to such seekers.

A bit of sadness there is unfortunately to report  with the closing of Wild Wings, the Buffalo sort.

Off to Old Orchard, those Wild Wings flew back in November, it is sad but true

Council had but to clean up their now unused liquor license to make things all square,

“I read this sadly,” said Ald. Braithwaite, “Many a night I spent there.”

The parking lot project for the great Civic Center now proceeds apace

After slight delays while Council attempted to trace a lawsuit filed by one Ozinga

A company attempting to avoid a requirement that insurance for employees cover items like

Contraception for females. But with just 1% of the project the Aldermen realized that his particular

Buildout was not the one in which to raise this important issue.

So watch out next time, Evanston located Ozinga. And by the way, farewell, Judy Baar Topinka.

Without fanfare, through consent and absent discussion, the City voted to purchase Boocoo

Out of foreclosure. Now Evanston owns the former cultural institution

What’s next for the building they have yet to determine though City staff claims

That the short term goal is corner stabilization, perhaps some City programming

Or other uses. Long term, perhaps, private business paloozas.

The Emerson-Green Bay intersection has long befuddled riders, walkers and those on vacation

Trying to get from our downtown to Central Street locations, or those in the east working their way west

Of the choices presented to survey takers, it was determined the best

Option available involves removing some lanes from Green Bay street, converting to three lanes

What once had been four in a hope to cause motorist fewer pains than before.

There’s much work to be done and much remains to be seen but

Change is acoming, hold on to your spleen.

Other items included the usual assortment of contracts and water projects

Sent forth with deportment for Council to vote on without sass or ill comportment

Such as the Sheridan Road shifting, twisting repavement

Which now will include some water main replacement absent in the original presented contract

Requiring a huge change order, near $400,000 for engineering alone

But the good news is water pipes less likely to break flooding streets and halting the showers

Of some rather ripe students.

And manhole cover lining, who knew such things existed? But they do

And they cost about one thirty three, thousand that is, and delayed though they are

Because Evanston temps fell well below the degree normal this time of year, or then, more precisely

So a change order regarding timing alone allows completion of the project before too long.

Finally, a series of debt bond abatements accustomed each year as the City tries

To pay off its bonds without increasing taxes, and increases cause many cries

From all corners of the City. Instead bonds get paid by other sources, much the pity

There can’t be more abatements from sources other than you, like

TIF funds, water receipts and parking revenue.

With that, a series of annual farewells and Council wished each other well

Shouting, “happy holidays to all,” as if a spell.

And it worked, we look forward to more good work to be seen

when we all get back together in 2015.