From left, Lindsay Percival, executive director; Ann Bartling, associate Board member; Candy Corr, board member; Sylvia Holdampf, Board member; Margo Robinson, associate Board member; and Betty Luning, associate Board member.

“Here’s to Another 70 Years.” So said Lindsay Percival, executive director of the Child Care Center of Evanston (CCCE), making a champagne toast to an audience of about 150 longtime friends and supporters of the Center. Even Cheryl Butler, from the First Church of God, who attended the Center in 1949, was there. She was the hit of the night.

The CCCE is a community-based organization whose mission is to strengthen families by providing high quality, affordable day care for their children. Its highest priority is to help children from all socioeconomic backgrounds gain the skills they need to succeed in school while fostering the shared community values of cooperation and respect for one another.

The First Church of God, The First Congregational Church and the Woman’s Club of Evanston were acknowledged for their instrumental roles in the founding and growth of the Center. Additionally, the Grumman family was honored for providing long-term, substantial leadership and financial support.

“So many Evanston residents have supported us over the years,” said event co-chair Candy Corr, “that we really had to do something to thank them. This was our way of thanking them.”

Ellen Collar, event co-chair said, “It was really delightful to see all the people from our past who came out to celebrate with us. We are fortunate to have so many loyal supporters.

Story and photo by Penny Doyle