Myefski Architects on Davis Street spent 2014 celebrating its 20th anniversary. After working for notable firms such as Murphy/Jahn and Albert Kahn Associates, Mr. Myefski took his experience with international hospitality and commercial developments and transitioned into the role of president and principal of his own firm.

“That first project was just as exciting and complex as the work I was doing in Berlin and Paris,”  he says. When Mr. Myefski struck out on his own in 1994, his first commission involved relocating a mid-19th-century home from one side of town to the other, over commuter train tracks and under power lines. Once safely positioned, the home was renovated and restored. This work earned him accolades from the local preservation commission for his historically responsible restoration efforts.

“Our residential work foundation has afforded us the opportunity to develop a culture and reputation as a client advocate, said John Myefski, president and principal.

“We are architects, but we prefer to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, dreamers, investigators and visionaries,” he added.

Since 1994, Myefski Architects has designed more than 500 projects and received 80 awards for design excellence.

Design projects currently under construction include a 960-bed student housing development in Madison, Wis., and an eight-story tower addition for a senior-living community here.

One of the ways the firm chose to celebrate this anniversary milestone involved collaborating on the architectural design for a dream project – Helsinki’s new Guggenheim Museum.

“My team is passionate about telling a story with our work. Our design for the Guggenheim Helsinki represents our passion for modern design and our vision for what the next 20 years will bring,” Mr. Myefski said.