The City of Evanston has been selected as one of three finalists to represent the United States in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour City Challenge. The other two cities are Cleveland and Seattle; all were chosen for transitioning their communities toward a climate-friendly future.

Evanston is on its way to reaching its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2016. The City has secured a 100 percent renewable energy program for all homes and small businesses, has set sustainability standards for new buildings, and installed solar panels on its water treatment facility.

“Sustainability is more than just saving energy; it means creating and maintaining a livable, healthy and efficient community accessible to all residents,” said Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl. The city that advances as the U.S. Earth Hour City Capital will receive funding from WWF to advance local climate readiness efforts and will go on to compete with cities from 16 other countries for the title of Global Earth Hour Capital.

“We are honored to be a part of the Earth Hour City Challenge. … No matter the outcome, we are all winners in the sustainability movement,” said Mayor Tisdahl. Residents and fans of Evanston can vote daily through March 27 at