The City of Evanston issued the following information on Sunday morning about the winter storm:

“The major winter storm is now well underway. As of 7 a.m., 3 inches of snow was measured in Evanston. Snow will continue to fall all day today at varying rates and into tonight ending around 4 a.m.  Monday morning. Additional snow amounts today will be 5 inches by 4p.m. and between 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. Monday and additional 4 inches is expected. Storm total will be around 12 inches.

Winds are expected to increase during the day today and will create blowing snow/drifting snow this afternoon.

Public Works crews have been plowing all night. Additional crews have been added to the staff today and again for tonight to assist with operations.

Today’s operational focus will be on plowing all streets curb to curb and keeping the centers and sidewalks open.

A full downtown cleanup is expected Monday overnight but crews will begin piling snow in strategic spots to improve the parking and pedestrian conditions downtown.

Parking restrictions are likely tonight, Monday, Monday night and Tuesday to assist Public Works in cleaning up the City.”

Updates will be posted as they are received.