District 65 encourages stakeholders to review and comment on the draft strategic plan

The District 65 draft strategic plan document is available for review and comment on the District 65 website at www.district65.net.  The public comment period will be held from January 28th  through February 11th.

This document lays out the district’s goals and strategies for the next three years.  “Thanks to the input of over 2,000 parents, teachers, staff members, students, and community members, we believe the draft plan is stronger and more reflective of our strengths and needs,” said Candance Chow, District 65 school board member and strategic planning board liaison.  

The public comment period will end on February 11, 2015 and there are several ways for people to provide feedback during this time:

Online feedback form.  The draft District 65 strategic plan and the online feedback form can be found on the district’s website at www.district65.net.

Hard copy of the feedback form. Hard copies of the draft District 65 strategic plan and the feedback form are available at each District 65 school and all branches of the Evanston Public Library.

Town hall meetings. The draft District 65 strategic plan will be presented for discussion at three town hall meetings being held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, February 3, 2015 from 7 PM-9 PM at Chute Middle School (1400 Oakton Street)
  • Thursday, February 5, 2015 from 7 PM-9 PM at Nichols Middle School (800 Greenleaf Street)
  • Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 9 AM-11 AM at Haven Middle School (2417 Prairie Avenue)

All feedback will be reviewed and considered.  Yet, it is important that this final step maintain and honor the full planning process and the long, hard work of the committees to develop goals and strategies through a consensus process. Comments that come up frequently will be especially useful in strengthening and finalizing the plan.

“I am sincerely grateful to all who have contributed to bringing this plan together in a thoughtful, inclusive way,” said Dr. Paul Goren, District 65 Superintendent.  “It is only through our continued partnership with educators, families and the broader community that we can achieve our ultimate goal of meeting the needs of every child, every day, by whatever it takes,” Dr. Goren said.

More information about the District 65 strategic planning process is available at www.district65.net.