As the City continues to clean up from the 20.5” of snow that last Saturday thru yesterday, more snow is in the forecast today. Light snow will begin falling today around 3-4pm and continue until 8pm tonight. Snow showers and flurries will continue on and off until 1am Wednesday. Temperature will be in the upper 20’s today falling to around 10 degrees tonight. 

Today is also a snow emergency day. Crews will once again be in residential neighborhoods plowing side streets curb to curb. Please move your vehicles to the appropriate side of the street.

Detailed clearing of sidewalks around City properties will continue today. Continued cleanup of City Parking lots will also be a priority as many lots are parked at 100% capacity and snow storage space is limited. 

Recycling collections and solid waste pickup will continue but service is behind schedule. Collections should be caught up as conditions improve by the end of the week. 

Parking restrictions are currently scheduled to expire today but may be extended if required. Field surveys of compliance and street conditions will determine additional parking restriction need. 

More updates to follow. 

James Maiworm

Assistant Director of Public Works Operations & Maintenance

City of Evanston

847.866.2950 or call 311