I am writing in support of Richard Rykhus, candidate for D65 School Board.  Richard has served on the board with distinction over the last four years and I whole-heartedly endorse his re-election.

Richard comes from a family of educators.  He is a thorough and thoughtful decision-maker.  He is invested in ensuring that District 65 provides a high quality education for ALL children.  Richard recognizes the importance of community input and works collaboratively with others to solve problems. 

Prior to his election to the D65 Board, he served on the board of Evanston CASE (Citizens for Appropriate Special Education), of which I am the director.  He has a particular interest in the needs of students with disabilities and advocates for continuous improvement of special education services and programs. 

Richard has also advocated to improve the alternatives to the suspension program to ensure that students maintain access to school while receiving support to address the root causes of behavior problems. 

Join me in voting to re-elect Richard Rykhus to the District 65 School Board.

— Cari Levin, LCSW Director, Evanston Citizens for Appropriate Special Education